Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Around The World In a Meme

I like any airborne sports. Microlighting, hang gliding, bungy jumping, ballooning ... so when I realised that I'd been tagged by Ilva of dreamy, picturesque photos of food and nature and wonderful food recipes blog, Lucullian Delights, for the Around the World Meme, I was high with anticipation.

I envisioned myself in a morning coat and top hat, fawned over by a servile manservant (always desirous) as I traversed the world in a colourful hot air balloon. Then I read the meme and realised that no hot air other than mine will be called upon. Bugger.

Still, the fact that I was tagged just for sheer likeability appealed to the deluded egoist in me. So I thought I will participate like the good, easily flattered blogger that I was.

1- Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from food blogs to try

Gee, I do this on a regular basis as there are so many fabulous recipes out there but after searching my files, these are the three latest contenders.

Dog-Eared Recipe 1
I must be the only food blogger with no oven but that has not stopped me from roasting and baking. Yes, I am the McGuyver of my own legend! I saw the recipe for Key Lime Bars at Savoury Notebook and thought, "Wow, cool!" in my usual articulate way. Of course, the original recipe is from Martha Stewart but hey, she should know all about bars, no? However, Alysha complained bitterly that it was way too much effort so I am thinking I might save it for a day when I need to do serious penance.

Dog-Eared Recipe 2
I love duck and have been drooling over Vicious Ange's Peppered Duck Breast, Poached Balsamic Figs & Garlic Crisps with Jus Gras. Yes, I got breathless just from reading the name, then had my breath completely taken away by the photo. I am just bursting to try this except I can't seem to find nice, fresh figs here - only the dried ones which I love too. Oh well ... I will continue to seek and one day, the duck gets it!

Dog-Eared Recipe 3
SurfinDave's wonderful post over at Serendipitous Chef about his daughter's birthday preparations thoroughly won me over. And then I took a gander at the menu and I was completely blown away. I salivated so badly over his Garlic-roasted Fresh Crab Salad that I just had to save it to my Must Try list. The sad fact is that I was just so jealous of his daughter. The man is a brilliant dad and I hope she appreciates it!

2-A food blog in your vicinity

Well, there are so many that I love and admire in Singapore alone but I have to admit my favourite is Kuidaore. J's lyrical prose, attention to detail, artistic eye and passion for food inspire and humble me. Every single post has the ability to make me both hungry and happy and, occasionally, rather depressed at my own inadequacy. I bow at the altar of this woman's greatness and can only wish and hope she starts classes one day so I can be a slavish devotee and student.

3-A food blog located far from you

Like who isn't??? Again, the choice is wide but if I had to choose one (and please note it is EARLY in the morning so if I did not name you it's not because I do not love you, I'm just sleepy), then I guess it would be Nami-Nami in Edinburgh.

4-A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (where did you find it?)

I'm super lazy so I find new blogs from Food Porn or from blogging events like Weekend Herb Blogging or IMBB. Like Ilva, I recently discovered Serendipitous Chef from his Paper Chef entry. I really like his recipes and the way he writes as I always enjoy reading posts where the blogger has invested a little of themselves.

As I only ventured into the food blogging world fairly recently, a lot of things are still new to me so although Food Beam may have been known to many, it was definitely a new experience for me. I love the photos, the vibrancy and the open passion to food that Fanny displays on her blog. I am so glad I troll Food Porn regularly since it led to this wonderful blog.

Any blogger who calls themselves Music in Your Ears deserves my recent lurking on their blog. Except I am a nosey bugger who cannot refrain from making comments, especially when they take a delightfully casual, experimental yet totally down-to-earth approach to cooking. The prose is catchy, the recipes unusual and the blog is The Gallumphing Gourmand. The discovery of this new blog came from the Cheese Sammich uprising.

Bit of a donut, I only discovered Fiordizucca recently when I drooled over one of Francesca's photos. Being a mite bit blind, I did not realise she had an English mirror blog till recently. Once I did, I was a regular visitor. I cannot remember how I found her blog but I am just bloody thankful I did!

Another case of my complete blindness causing me utter embarrassment was K├╝chenlatein. I had seen Ostwestwind's participation in some blogging event and cheekily emailed her to ask for an English translation of the recipe. She kindly pointed out the link to the English translation. The biggest embarrassment is that I actually learnt German in school. I need to get my eyes checked, I do ...

Perhaps the most prolific new food blogger I have come across is The Unemployed Cook, another discovery from Food Porn. Since her blog began just three months ago, Mrs C must have cooked more times than I have in a year, just judging from her posts! I've enjoyed the recipes, the photos and her enthusiasm.

5 - Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme ?

Ahhhh, the moment of evil ... bwahahahaha!!!

I will tag the following lucky bloggers in the hopes they have not already been tagged or will get pissed off by this.

Mrs C of The Unemployed Cook because it's time ... dum da dum de DUMMMM!
Antti and Anna of Doughboy because I like their blog
Sha of Wanderlust because it might be a last one on her blog for a while & I want to suck up to her so she'll take me with her!
Rachel and Rob over at Hungry in Hogtown because I just love reading about their molecular gastronomy and culinary adventures - they really go where I have not dared to go
Karin of Gluten Free Goddess because I can just see her typing out the meme in her fabulous new kitchen

That's it! The rest of you can breath a sigh of relief now!


Anonymous sha said...

sure girl i will do this
am off to Nice tomorrow
wed i have to hop to italy for work related
will do this just for u

J blog is amazing utterly first class..... i agree with you
well sweetie I did apply for a position based in Singapore but they had hired someone already,

would have been fun I would tag along with you prowling all the food stalls and going to galleries,

ta daa need to sleep few hrs of sleep am off

8:52 am  
Blogger Anna said...

Stephanie, thanks for tagging us! Shouldn't be too hard to do this as I just had a dinner inspired by fellow food bloggers' posts... and a deliriously good one too. Who needs cookbooks any more?(Although I just ordered two today from amazon.com)

9:21 am  
Blogger Marianne said...

Ha, you caught me! Good thing you said such lovely nice things about me, so I can't even begin to be annoyed! But seriously, thank you for the kind words and I will do some homework and write this meme up as soon as possible.

P.S. I only cook so much because I've got no real job and nothing but time! You make some incredible dishes, S.

9:30 am  
Blogger ilva said...

I can see that you feel better now! I enjoyed reading this very very much! I can see that you heard the calling (mine) and that you answered it!

2:10 pm  
Blogger Antti said...

MM, you just popped my meme-cherry :o) Thanks, I thought that'd never happen ;)

4:22 pm  
Anonymous Ian said...

Thanks for the tag! I've really enjoyed reading your stuff, it's very entertaining.

There now, I've left a comment on your site and now I don't feel shame anymore. Or myself. At least not in public. heh. Keep up the good work.

2:46 am  
Blogger MM said...

Sha - Nice! Niiiiice ... take me with you!! Puhleeeease!

Anna - You're welcome and yes, I seem to have accumulated more online recipes than cookbooks now!

Mrs C - Aw, ta! And I meant every word.

Ilva - Callings to me have to be very obvious otherwise I end up panicking and wondering who called. LOL.

Antti - Oooohhh ... I like being first ... *twirls mustache lasciviously*

2:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Since this minute you'll find a button to find the English recipe if there is one.

Try here: http://ostwestwind.twoday.net/stories/1757386/

scroll down, press the flag and you'll reach the English recipe.

4:27 pm  
Blogger MM said...

Ostwestwind - No, THANK YOU! :)

8:43 pm  

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