Saturday, August 13, 2005

No Lunch Box, No Cry

The boss isn't in the gallery today so there's no lunch. Boo hoo. The office area is a desert for food on a Saturday. The best I can do is grab a sammich or ... shudder ... a burger from McDonald's. I think I'd go without lunch today then. Eeeuuuwww.

I've got rehearsals at 4pm anyway so I either have to eat at least 2 hours before or it's Puke City. Cringe.

Ah hah! The designer is going out for a ciggie break with his mate, the Malay carpet shop bloke from next door, so he is going to buy me lunch! Malay food! Sweet. I've asked for lontong, mee rebus or soto ayam. The boy looked confused at soto ayam and hesitantly asked if it is chicken soup. Sigh ... youths today .. so ignorant. I'm constantly amazed at the lack of awareness and knowledge of young Chinese Singaporeans nowadays. They seem to know little or nothing about the other races who make up the country. How can you live next to someone for years and know next to nothing about his/her food, language, culture, religion etc? I mean .. seriously! And it's a Chinese thing ... 'cos the Malay kids know enough about the Chinese culture, food, language etc to poke fun of or imitate them ... LOL. And there are more Chinese-speaking Indians that I have met able to spout Tang dynasty poetry than Chinese! Bizarre.

So, I'm looking forward to lunch. Not so much to rehearsals. I just wanna go home and have a nap and then go do some shopping for the weekend. I have decided to make some fried chicken. I've been craving one of my fried chicken and chips baskets I used to make in Germany. Drool.

Am starving and hoping the designer comes back soon. Didn't have much food last night. Went to catch some mates perform at a dinky club full of kids. Felt like a fossil. And we sure acted like fossils when after just one set, we all decided to bugger off home. I went back to heat up the leftover Portuguess Sausage and Kai Lan soup. It was sooooo good and gone so quickly. I almost shed a nostalgic tear as I washed the tupperware after inhaling the soup in 10 mins. Sigh. That is one recipe I will definitely repeat.

I just remembered that when doing a vanilla vodka shot with a musician friend, I happily agreed to surprise a friend at her birthday on Thursday. Have not seen her and her partner for yonks and we decided that I will pop up in full costume and dance for her. Three other musicians will back me up and we will jam the house down. All sounded good .. till I realised this morning that I have a series of intense meetings the next morning. Bugger, that will cast a shadow on my celebrations. Being grown up and responsible is such a pain.

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Blogger MovingFeast said...

Oi chickie, tis I, the other Daft Eater from Manila. Just to let you know Paul and I had Indian food last night...we had Rogan Josh, and Prawn Pulao as well as stuffed papadums at this place called Cafe Bollywood. Amazing food...I could eat two dozen papadums dipped in yogurt and still want more. Then tonight we went to this place called Little Asia, where I had the most wonderful deep fried boneless tilapia with honey mustard mayo sauce, as well as deep fried battered shrimp with mango dip. Next week Paul wants to try Singers cuisine again...the man has a hankering for laksa that's been eating at him since he came home. Ta! Lovely blogsite you got, chickie!

12:04 am  
Blogger MM said...

Daftie! The boneless tilapia sounds amazing - did you get the recipe? Tell Paul to hang on till October and I'll bring you both to the most amazing laksa places. I just realised there is no convection oven in my apartment. The so-called oven is one of those pressure cooker looking thingamajig which I have no clue how to use. I guess I will be buying a convection oven soon. So till then, you just have to wait for my Potato Dauphinois recipe ... WEG. Bwahahahaha!

2:44 am  

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