Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Indian Indecision

I really think in my past life (if you believe in those type of things) I must have been Indian. It would explain why I always have such a strong sense of deja vu in Rajasthan (I actually almost fainted in one room when I entered it and then I could pin point exactly where a mural had been plastered over without the guide telling me - spooked the hell out of me), why I am always asked to perform at Indian events, why a lot of my Indian clients say I remind them of some famous Eurasian Indian actress/dancer from the 50s and my ability to whip up some mean Indian food.

Whatever it is, I've been asked to perform for the Indian community this New Year. It's all a little surreal. One of them was someone who saw me perform at an event almost two years. He'd forgotten about me (oh woe is me ... LOL!) until he'd seen a back issue of the Tatler magazine and saw my picture in it. And somehow he managed to track me down. Strange serendipity.

The other client is even more unlikely. Couple of years ago, I'd visited a friend for Diwali. Her mother (a real sweetheart) kept saying I reminded her of this famous dancer/actress from the 50s. So out of respect and totally getting her not-so-subtle hint, I danced a little number for her. This client was one of the relatives there and she called my friend up to ask for my contact details.

I decided since I am dancing for one Indian client, I can do another back to back. After all, I will already be in the right costume and I can use the same music. And at least it will be fun as they have asked for Indian classical dance fusion. And the last one will be for my friend's family and they have invited me to stay on and join the festivities after. Typically, I never stay and socialise after a performance but since it is a family event by a friend, I'm game.

The Indian karma continues ... the organiser of the weekend workshop from hell emailed me today. She told me that there were rave reviews about my class and they would like me to teach a few more workshops next year. And guess what the class will be about? Indian classical dance fusion. What I taught at Batam.

I am undecided about this because the last one was so badly organised. I think I need a conversation with some close friends and dancers like 3A and Ser to see if this is something I would like to commit to. I would really hate to associate myself with a shoddy organisation or be treated as poorly as I was before. But I do enjoy teaching and I miss it. Decisions, decisions ...

I don't know what it is but this week is a really strange one. Lots of little coincidences. Lots of blasts from the past. Lots of strange six degrees of separations. I wonder what the cosmos is trying to tell me.

I wonder if I should just go make myself a cuppa and go to bed and stop worrying about things. Right, chamomile tea here I come.

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Blogger 3A Gurl said...

Yummy pic! Must have missed you again! Aaarghhh...

7:31 am  
Blogger MM said...

I know what we are! Star crossed bloggers! I've been looking out for you online as I want to ask your advice on the Y workshop situation. To do or not to do ...

Anyway, yummy pic? Makes me think you wanna eat it! Guess where that came from and from which dance ... LOL.

8:26 am  
Blogger 3A Gurl said...

Oooohh is that one (ahem) that a certain person hopes to (ahem) "pirate"? Yea, missed you again Habibtee..well will be on line for a wee bit more

1:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is very cool!


4:46 pm  
Anonymous Diane said...

Beautiful picture!

I know this is a rather old post, but I'm just now finding your blog. Great writing...

If you love Rajastahn you may want to check out the Bollywood film Paheli. It's a feast for the eyes and has some fun dance numbers. Probably not as classical as what you do, but visually stunning nonetheless.


3:17 pm  
Blogger MM said...

Hi Diane, thanks for visiting! And your compliment - I appreciate it. I will definitely look out for the movie! Thanks!

3:09 am  

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