Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sticking My Neck Out

OK, I did not mean to have a multiple post day but sitting here with an ice pack over the ankle is really boring. Anyway, I just wanted to stick my neck out there to say I predict Taylor Hicks will win American Idol. And deservedly so.


Because he is real. And he wants this oh so badly. You can see it in every nervous twitch of his eyes, every strange convulsion that seizes his body as he grooves to his song, every raspy strain. He sings every note with every atom of his being from his grey roots to his really bad maroon velvet jacket. He obviously needs a fashion stylist - I would never have let him out of the dressing room looking like that!

While Katherine PcPhee is clearly the stronger vocalist, there is something contrived and calculated about her. She is much too aware of the camera and plays to it to the detriment of the song sometimes. A truly beautiful girl, she strikes me as way too cabaret and runs the danger of being a caricature of herself. When she sang the really boring song, My Destiny, I thought of Kelly Clarkson and she suffered in comparison. Kelly Clarkson would have injected raw power, an edgy soul and a bit of rock into that song to make it contemporary and interesting instead of bland. But Katherine McPhee delivered it with a bland, saccharine cabaret style that just did not connect with the audience. Sadly, I think her tearful father makes a stronger connection.

With the Soul Patroller, the man cannot disguise his total absorption in his craft - scary as that comes across sometimes. His song choice was not that much more exciting but at least you felt it. He looked into the camera without once fluttering his eyelashes. I really appreciated that.

I still like Elliot Yamin and I think it is sad but inevitable that he was eliminated. The boy has a wonderful singing style but zero stage presence. I would happily give him dance lessons because he definitely needs it. And Chris Daugherty was amazing in my opinion but he needs voice lessons so he does not wreck his vocal chords prematurely. I am sure he has a fantastic future ahead of him - the bands are all clamouring for him and I cannot wait to see which one he will choose.

Anyone up for predictions? Lay it on here.

Go Soul Patrol!


Anonymous Ivonne said...

Agreed on all counts!

Hope the ankle is feeling better.

3:21 am  

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