Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fried Rice Paradise

I was too knackered when I got home to cook last night so it was microwaved leftover pizzas for me. Work is hell at the moment as I am seriously micromanaging my designer who appears to have the layout skills of a GCE "A" Level art student. Suffice to say that we are looking for another designer as I cannot be going over font size and paginations on every piece of collateral. We are going into print in China soon and the last thing I need is Dumb & Dumber destroying my catalogues. If these go south, generations of Chinese and my designer's lambent children-to-be will be quaking at the sound of my fury. The words the Wrath of Khan have not been applied to me for nothing.

Anyway, lunch was a big one. I ended up eating my boss' lunch as well as he was sick and tired of wantons. I got fried rice which was fairly tasty but the maid gave me enough to feed an army. Ate about a third of it and was quietly sipping my coffee when the boss offered me his wanton soup. Score! I immediately discarded my fried rice and started on the wantons.

Am now so stuffed that I wonder if I would be able to have dinner tonight. Was hoping to have some seafood and was contemplating a Moules Moulinere or something like that. We'll see. If by the time I waddle out of this office still feeling like an over-fed construction worker, it will just be the heated fried rice as a late supper then. I have so much work to do that it's gonna be another all-nighter. If I did cook, I want something super fast. Hmmm ...

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