Saturday, September 17, 2005

Great Men Have Great Flaws

Am wallowing in my own misery and watching telly. Double whammy that.

First on, I wanted to comment that I learnt something new today, which always makes me happy. I am such a nerd. Anyway, was watching the Naked Chef (sic) and realised that you never add salt to your broad beans when you are boiling them. Why? Because the salt toughens the skin. Oooooorrrrhhhhhh ... man, those drugs do my head in.

Secondly, I was watching some movie about The Kennedys. And Jackie Kennedy asked her MIL why her husband had so many other women if he loved her as much as they said. And her MIL said ... dramatic pause ... "Great men have great flaws." Wow ... how profound ... how insightful ... how ... bunch of bloody bollocks!!!

So what? Ordinary men have ordinary flaws then? So if an ordinary bloke keeps dipping his banana into as many fruit salads as possible, it's a punishable offense in a divorce court. But if a great man does the same ... woah, it is forgiveable? Gee, how Orwellian is that? Or if a married woman was walking around shagging as many blokes as she had knickers, she's labelled a slut and reviled by all and sundry. What bloody double standards and a piss poor excuse. Jaysus.

And a woman said this. What a fantastic soundbyte for women who think that their men are greater than their self-worth. No wonder generations of women have been suffering under the yoke of infidelty as if that was their rightful burden. If women teach other women these Arsehole Fables, how will we ever learn that we will only earn respect when we do not let it be ripped away from us like a used condom? Blame men all you want, ladies but you are your own worst enemies sometimes.

And before anyone goes on & on and uses the Clinton example of public sanction of infidelities, I had no issue with the man as a leader. I just had issues with him being a gormless coward who lied to his wife under oath and repeatedly until he was so busted that he had no choice but to 'fess up. My greatest issue with that git was his abysmal taste in women. For the love of God, Monica Lewinsky and that Jones woman??? Is he blind or insensate? If he just wanted to switch off the blinking lights and make like they are all the same, I can bloody point him to a couple of gay bars where cigars and monorail mouths are not unusual party favours.

Anyway, my ire at the Kennedy MIL over-rode the slight stupour the medication has put me under and I just had to post this to relieve my fury. Now I will go have a cuppa and calm down.

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Blogger Andy Wendt said...


I was on Google looking for info on the subject of “great men and great flaws” when I came across your post.

I just wanted to say how interesting it was to read your thoughts on the topic and to see them expressed in terms of food.

P.S. I don’t see any posts from you in a long time, hope all is well and get back here and write something!


2:47 am  

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