Sunday, November 06, 2005

Beef Balls & Poached Eggs

I know it sounds bizarre but something told me it would work. And it did. I woke up from a sound sleep, famished, and decided that I needed supper.

I was not inclined to cook up a storm as I had every intention of going back to sleep quickly. So I decided to use some of the beef balls I had saved. I wasn't very keen on just zapping them and eating them with salsa or even pesto. I had a hankering for eggs so in a flash of inspiration, I decided to poach a couple of eggs and have them with the beef balls. But what about the sauce? Should I go continental and whip up some sort of butter sauce? Hmm ... butter sauce with beef balls ... bit odd. Or a curried coconut cream sauce? I was definitely in a creative and adventurous mood tonight.

In the end, I decided to whip up a gravy-like concoction. I julienned some ginger and mixed it with kecap manis (the thick, sweet black sauce from Indonesia), a little vinegar and for good measure, I added a little fish sauce. I then zapped the lot in the microwave to wilt the ginger and incorporate all the different flavours. When the sauce was hot and piping, and the fragrance was driving me barmy, I added the beef balls and zapped them to heat through and cook thoroughly.

My poached eggs were semi-successful. I am often too impatient with poached eggs and try to rush the process, resulting in "cauliflower" poached eggs. This time, the first egg was a glossy vision of cloudy beauty cradling a hiding sun (I must stop reading haiku) while the second egg was a a disastrous, cratered cauliflower. Sigh ...

I gently plated the eggs on top of my beef balls in dark sauce concoction - I like my poached eggs with runny yolks and I hate bursting them accidently before I decided to liberate the golden rivers of yolk.

Anyway, you may wonder why there is no picture. Because I am a greedy and sleepy cow so I gobbled down the lot before I even thought to take a picture. It was only when I was sipping my chamomile tea that I realised I neglected to take a picture. Still, I think this may be a recipe I will be repeating. So easy, yummy and just plain ole comfort food.

Now back to bed.

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