Sunday, October 30, 2005

Strife Sunday

I blame the stars. They must be messing up something big up there. Because I've had a shitty weekend. First the supermarket incident, and now having to fire my maid first thing in the morning. Aside from not turning up two weeks in a row, with nary a call or explanation, she had the audacity to deny ruining one of my prized and very expensive hip belts. I fired her arse and sent her packing faster than you can say I'm done with ye, ye dishonest cow.

So, being the efficient anal retentive person that I am, I was on the phone and booking a new maid within the hour. New maid coming in next week. Fait accompli.

Now onto my tonne load of editing. I have 54 pages of the most disastrous pieces of writing I have had to encounter since I edited a medical journal in China. Let's just say I saved some of those pieces for a good laugh on the days when I think it cannot get worse than this. Those pages are now sitting on my bed as standby.

I decided to fortify myself with a beef noodle soup. It's simple but somehow tasty and comforting. This particular food court uses the freshest beef so the quality is really discernable. So even though it is a really plain dish, the use of fresh ingredients really elevates it beyond the few ingredients and basic stock. I have also noticed that this particular food court never uses MSG and a minimum of salt. A very ballsy move in Singapore, I can tell you as almost every food establishment here uses these two ingredients.

Singaporeans are used to a dense flavour imparted by the combination of MSG and salt, a MSG-free and limited salt dish will usually be considered bland here. For this food court to stick to its guns is admirable. I like this food court because it does not serve MSG and uses only enough salt to flavour its food AND they usually add lots of vegetables to the dishes.

Anyway, I started eating these new choccie biccies I came across at Carrefour. They looked intriguing from the packaging. Oozing coffee-filled centres in a chocolate cookie coating. Yums. The reality was little less orgasmic. The coffee centre was the typical hardened cream filling and although fairly tasty, the biccie was not remarkable. Oh well ... I guess I will have to bake some myself to get what I want. I will need an oven then. I really need to sort my time out to do this soon. The only oven in the house is this strange contraption that looks like a giant pressure cooker. And like Anthony Boudain, I am deathly afraid of those. Long story ... childhood trauma involving crazy aunt and a pressure cooker. 'Nuff said.

Sigh, if I can finish my work in time tonight I might make some curry fish. Have a craving for Indian today. Which is daft since I just recovered from a bout of upset tummy yesterday ... I live on the edge! Yeah ... rrrrright. Or perhaps I will take the safer route and make myself some beef balls and vegetables soup. We'll see if I can plow through the catalogue in time and not stab myself with my ballpoint pen first ...

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