Friday, October 21, 2005

Flower Power

Had a healthy dinner of steamboat fish soup near my house with a fellow lateworker this evening. It was OK tasting ... very little oil, healthy and well cooked, which is a boon. But it had pieces of yam in it. I found that very odd but my dinner companion said it was a Chinese thing. Oh ... OK then ...

On the way home, realising that it would be another long night of trying to sort out my work, I decided to buy some flowers to cheer up my room. To my amazement, there was still two florists opened at the market. One had much healthier looking blooms but they were kind of boring while the other had fairly interesting flowers but they looked a little worse for wear. I decided to go for beauty over hardiness and picked a lily stalk, some forget-me-nots and a bunch of crysanthamums.

Going home, I went ikebana on their arses. The result was slightly disappointing as the lilies have not blossomed yet and I realised my flower vase was a little too narrow .. and I can't find my larger vase since I have not fully unpacked yet. Oh well, will adjust the arrangement again when the lilies bloom.

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