Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sybarite Pleasures

I think I either have very simple pleasures or highly complex and screwed up senses.

I really miss dryers in Singapore. The warmth and scent of clothes and linen fresh out of the dryer is akin to a big ole bowl of macaroni and cheese to me. Wonderfully comforting.

It's ridiculous how much I wallow in fresh linen - fresh bed sheets, towels, robes ... Upon laying out fresh sheets on my bed, I would usually rub my face against them and have a nice big whiff before lying on top of them and doing my rendition of Terri Garr and Gene Wilder's "roll in the hay" routine. Tragic, isn't it?

The weather in Singapore is so bizarre that I have discovered that you cannot hang your clothes out in the sun to dry. In the middle of the day, without warning, it might rain. And you end up with sodden clothes that you have to re-wash again. So you keep the clothes indoors to dry. Which can take forever! And you never get the fresh, sunny smell and crispness of sun-dried clothes. Sigh.

So, no proper dryers where you can put in nice scented satchets as they dry so everything smells heavenly. No sun drying of clothes so you get the sunny, crisp scent of summer. All you can do is use nice smelling detergent and fabric softener to get your clothes and linens feeling and smelling nice. If you feel really indulgent, you can always buy some L'Occitane linen sprays when ironing. Expensive option but divinely soothing to the senses.

Fresh bed linens before the "roll in the hay" treatment

I still love fresh linens though. I laid out new sheets (my favourite set of bed linens actually) today and they smelled and felt so lovely that I had to take a picture of them. I can't wait to go home and sleep on them tonight!

Also, I've been invited out to a buffet dinner with my friend, Marie, who somehow scored free vouchers to the Grand Corpthorne Waterfront. Hopefully I can take some nice food porn and share it here.

So we're off to feast tonight. Fabulous! I pig out, then return home to fresh bed linens! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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Blogger J said...

hi, glad to see i am not the only one with a real weakness for l'occitane linen waters! great looking cocoon of a bed, btw...

6:09 pm  
Blogger MM said...

I lurve L'Occitane products and I discovered the linen waters a few years ago when shopping for gifts for Christmas. Fab!

I know .. I love my bed too. I have a thing for four poster beds and drapes. Especially since I sanded and painted and draped and pinned and sewed the whole thing myself. The only thing I did not make were the butterfly hangings, which I bought in Chinatown.

Happy kiasu Hari Raya and Chinese New Year!

6:37 pm  
Blogger Kalyn said...

Your bed is amazing. I have a real weakness for bed linens too, but my bed is much more ordinary.

9:45 pm  
Blogger 3A Gurl said...

wah your bed is really something. four poster and all the trimmings, with embroidery to boot. 'respectful bow 1' 'respectful bow 2' 'respectful bow 3'

erm... you can hop over and use my dryer if you need to - can't live without them. so handy esp in humid SG

10:14 pm  
Blogger MM said...

Kalyn, thanks so much but actually it is really easy to get a cool bed if you make a bit of an effort. The actual bed frame is a really ugly and plain pine four poster that I got from Ikea. I transformed into a stylish and simple black four poster by sanding then painting it in black. Took me almost two whole weeks of intensive labour after work every night. It was hell but totally worth it. The drapes were el cheapo white muslin from Little India that I pinned and draped. The ivory cabbage roses and purple feather flowers I got from a shop selling Christmas decorations and the gold and pink sari was also a Little India find which I sewed into a draped curtain of sorts. I change the look of the bed a little each time I move - which is often so it has gone through many incarnations but the white drapes, black four poster and colourful bed linens are a constant.

3A - Thank you, thank you very much with lip curl and pelvis thrust and all. You know what? I actually got that particular bed linen in a little shop in Sydney. The sales guy was really fun and was all agog at my combination of colours when I pulled out the shocking fuschia pillow cases and sheets to match with the turquoise (typical huh?) duvet covers. He kept saying "Fabulous daaahling! I luuuurve it!" and then asked me out for a drink that night. No worries, he was gay. LOL.

Hey, don't promise things like that. You will regret it when I show up every few days to dry my clothes! I am NOT kidding!

That saying the only way I will give up my four poster bed is for a really cool sleigh bed. With drapes above, of course. I cannot give up my drapes.

I really wish I have my sewing machine with me so I can sew my own bed linens and stuff like I used too. I keep having these cravings to sew a lotus and fish applique and embroidery bed linen. I even dreamt of it one night. I was dancing on the bed (something I never do ... er .. yeah) and I glanced down and the sheets were a lotus and fish applique and embroidered design against a turquoise backdrop and the edgings were in a midnight blue velvet. I actually woke up to sketch it down. I'm a lost cause ...

4:41 am  

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