Saturday, October 01, 2005

Additional Eeuww Notes

In case peeps are thinking I have a persecution complex re stalkers, I want to add that Hansen P, Bogus Copper kept asking me why I was not married. I had to ask him if there was a relevance to the case. And he asked me personal questions about whether I have a boyfriend, where I usually hang out and what I do when I come back from work. Er .. colour me blond, but those are creepozoid pick-up lines I get from sleazy stalker wannabes at pubs, supermarkets and occasionally taxis. I hear them enough to know when that has no relevance to any criminal case except that of sexual harrassment.

There's something very very wrong with a policeman trying to hit on you while he is questioning you about a purported crime. It's like your gynae asking you out. EEUUWWW. And yes, that happened to me too. That's why I only go to female gynaes now... Shudder. It's creepy and wrong. What is wrong with these pervs? Serve and protect, eh? Hippocratic oath, eh? More like serve themselves and protect their own self interest & the hyprocritical oafs, from what I've seen.

You know, it's times like these when I wished I had answered yes when I was asked at the convent if I had heard the calling ... instead of asking "Who called?"

Sigh. My life sucks ... it's not even a good soap opera. Although that in itself is an oxymoron.

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